Lost for Good Project

How far are you willing to go to create change?

It all begins with two people, two motorcycles, two years and more than 140,000 + kms on the horizon. Our story is a simple one, but our work will stretch far beyond any simple life we may have once led. We are not athletes, we are not extremists, this is not a race and there is no time limit. We are simply two lives, attempting to reach out to many and we have been blessed with the privilege and opportunity to take something that we simply love to do, a step further. The path is unknown, the wealth of knowledge uncovered will be life altering. Follow along with the adventure via our blog site welovemotogeo.com.

The Lost for Good Project is a non-profit organization that uses our travels around the globe as a source for fundraising and sponsorship.

The funds and materials that are donated to us serve as means for supporting the people, communities and grass-roots organizations that are creating lasting, responsible and sustainable change within their regions. Our purpose is to help bring attention to these lesser-known endeavours, highlight their work and support them in their goals.

Our responsibility to our contributors is to deliver 95% (or higher) of raised funds to those who need them. During our travels we select and highlight a diverse group of organizations that match our vision and our "GOOD AID" goals.

We also encourage fellow travellers to make a difference wherever their adventures take them by providing resources to help them achieve their own goals of helping others along the way.

The GOOD AID goal:

The GOOD AID goal reminds us that during our journey, we must step inside, look around, learn, question, comprehend and think about the consequences of our actions as visitors, travellers and aid providers. How we impact the social and economic balance of the places we visit along the way is crucial to creating lasting change in those environments.

For much of the world living in poverty or despair, helping isn’t necessarily about giving what we "can" give, it’s about giving what is “needed” the most. A hand up doesn’t always mean a handout. The GOOD AID goal challenges us as aid providers to find ways to inspire growth and empower the people we come in contact with during our travels. Encouraging them to continue onward and upward in hopes to one day experience a life without aid.

For questions about the Lost for Good Project or how you can get involved, please contact us!